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ClickThru Network  With Clickthru, you not only get one-for-one clicks, but you also have a chance to win bonus visits by clicking on their Bonus Icons which are located on some advertisers' pages.

EBiz Rotator   Gives you a 1:1 ratio or will give you 1:5 for banner impressions if you would prefer. You can also get a 20% bonus for referrals.

FastFreeway   Earn up to 25 hits per day yourself and also earn 2/3 of your referrals hits.

Hitharvester  Get 1-1 credit, and they use a 25 second timer. You can also buy clicks from them pretty reasonably (from $13.95 for 1,000 to $174.95 for 25,000).

HitPulse   Set your homepage to their link and start earning traffic. You need to stay at each site for ten seconds. They have a 5:1 ratio(you gat a visit for each five you make)and you can also earn traffic from your referrals down to four levels.

NoMoreHits   Get 50 credits for signing up, then earn 1 visit for every 2 you make. You also earn 40% on your referrals, so for every 100 visits they earn, you'll earn 40!

TopSurfer   Get 100 hits for signing up, then earn by visiting websites or buy credits. It's got a 15 second timer!

Traffic Flare   Set your start page to their url and start earning. Each time you open your browser or refresh the home page, you'll earn about 1/3 of a visit.

Traffic Generation!   Get *free* traffic to your Website Guaranteed! Check it out - It's free! Trafficg uses a 30 second timer and also gives one-for-one credits.

ViralVisitors   ViralVisitors is a 2:1 Ratio Program. Members may only visit your site once a day - no one person will eat up your credits. 10% over-ride credits for 5 levels.

Webmasterquest  This site gives you 1 for 1 clicks and pays you 10% on referrals.

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Paid Web Traffic

Be a Advertiser! Use their Pay Per Click technology to drive customers to your websites or referral pages. You pay only for the traffic you get!

3-2-1Mail  Well priced email, banner or tag line ad packages. Try it, you'll like it.  Advertise now: Receive Thousands of visitors paying just $0.01 per click! Check now for special $100 bonus!

Getting Paid

Joined all your paid to read programs? How about the downline builders and the matrix programs? How are you going to get paid? Each program has their own way of paying. Paypal is the most well known, but it isn't available in all countries. Sign up FREE with these companies and you should be ready to get paid by any of them!

Click Here to Join Paypal Click Here to Join E-Gold
Anypay NoChex (United Kingdom only)
Yahoo PayDirect

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